About HED publishing

hed-biblioteka is a publishing series of digital publications in the the area of ethnology, cultural anthropology, folklore studies and other related disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. It is one of the essential activities of the Society and a strategic priority. The establishment of the digital edition of hed-biblioteka was formalized by the Managing Board of the Croatian Ethnological Society in its session on November 29, 2013.

In the beginnings of designing the hed-biblioteka series, expert help was offered by librarians and publishing experts of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, especially Iva Melinščak Zlodi (Library of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, e-sources) and Boris Bui (FF-press), for which the Editorial Board is sincerely thankful.

Why e-editions?

hed-biblioteka is a publishing project launched with the goal to join the contemporary publishing platforms in an era of digitally mediated information and electronic books. hed-bilbioteka’s mission lies in the democratization of academic publishing. The edition is open for all authors who use innovative ethnographic approaches to contemporary cultural processes and help increase visibility and social impact of ethnology and cultural anthropology.

This electronic edition is Croatian Ethnological Society’s response to the demands of the digital age, a way to reduce the costs of academic publishing and systematically promote ethnological and cultural-anthropological knowledge through the umbrella professional organization.

The electronic publication has many advantages over the “classic” printed book: first of all, it is readily available without restrictions and allows for great public visibility of scientific production. Responding to the need of increased visibility and availability of Croatian academic production in the areas of ethnology and cultural anthropology, the Croatian Ethnological Society wishes to present its own electronic edition. The model for implementation of new media in (academic) publishing was found in different existing platforms, such as:

– „electronic book“ by the Society for Promoting Literature in New Media (http://www.elektronickeknjige.com/ );

– regional platforms: Ljubljana Peace Institute (the Mediawatch collection http://www.mirovni-institut.si/Publikacija/All/si/ ) and Anthroserbia of the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Belgrade (http://www.anthroserbia.org/ ).

The goal of hed–biblioteka is to make Croatian theoretical and ethnographic work more widely available to the general public through open access.

hed-biblioteka is available through open and free access on the website of the Croatian Ethnological Society  http://www.hrvatskoetnoloskodrustvo.hr/

hed-biblioteka will publish:

a) monographs
b) edited volumes

As a digital publishing platform hed–biblioteka allows for:

– reduced price of publishing (approximately: HRK 5,000.00 – 7,000.00 per book)
– prompt publication of recent research
– prompt publication of books by young authors
– greater visibility of research in ethnology and cultural anthropology (nationally and regionally)
– better availability through open access (without limitation)
– free and immediate availability

Accompanied by:

– high standard of editorial work (formal and content analysis, peer-review process as prescribed by the standards of the Ministry of Science and Education),
– editorial board and an international committee (composed of top experts in the areas of ethnology and cultural anthropology possessing regional expertise and local language competencies),
– ISBN number (for so-called books in other media),
– listing in the Croatian Web-Archive catalogue of the National and University Library in Zagreb (HAW),
– maintaining the criteria of uniqueness – publication primarily in the form of an electronic book (with the possibility of subsequent publication of a printed book).

Editorial board

dr. sc. Marijana Belaj

dr. sc. Sanja Potkornjak

dr. sc. Tihana Rubić

dr. sc. Luka Šešo

Krisitna Vugdelija

Call for submission of manuscripts to hed-biblioteka

hed-biblioteka is open to works which use innovative ethnographic approaches in analyzing contemporary cultural phenomena and processes and help achieve greater visibility and social impact of ethnology and cultural anthropology.

The manuscripts submitted to the editorial board of hed-biblioteka will be handled according to academic publishing standards recommended by the Ministry of Science and Education.

Deadline for submission of manuscripts: continuously open.

The Editorial Board decides on the acceptance of manuscripts.


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