Who are we?

Croatian Ethnological Society is a non-governmental, non-political, not-for-profit association of ethnologists and cultural anthropologists in the Republic of Croatia. The Society’s goal is the advancement of the disciplines of ethnology and cultural anthropology and their positions in society, as well as the fostering and coordination in all areas of ethnological and cultural-anthropological activities.

The Society fosters, helps and conducts ethnological and cultural-anthropological research of a wider significance; supports the advancement of teaching in the areas of ethnology and cultural anthropology; works on the professional development of ethnologists and cultural anthropologists; organizes and supports ethnological and cultural-anthropological conferences and other events related to ethnology, cultural anthropology and folklore studies; encourages and helps collecting, documenting, preserving and presenting ethnographic material and cultural goods; fosters and supports the production of ethnographic films, design of ethno-parks etc.; popularizes ethnology and cultural anthropology and their research results; represents members of the Society and protects their interests; establishes and maintains relations with other related societies, organizations and institutions nationally and internationally; gives awards for special achievements for work within the Society and the discipline; proposes legislature to Croatian legislative authorities pertaining to adequate valorization and preservation of ethnographic and folklore heritage; cooperates with authorities in regulating health and pension insurance of Society’s members who are not permanently employed; publishes books and journals, sound recording media containing ethnographic, ethnological, cultural-anthropological and folklore content.